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Arnold S.

      I truly can say this that I've start use hair Kanchi Indian               Oil  on my hair.  my hair line is very strong and it is increasing I'll continual use this product because it work for me the smell last for a min but it go away all I can say that it is a good product you can 't go wrong use it.!lo!:)"

Marc K

"Love this product, been using it for about 3 weeks and the revolutionize in my hair is amazing, I almost have no breakage and the shine and softness is to die for, the smell is not the best but the results are wonderful."

Be blessed!!!

I wanted to commend your business, once again, on a wonderful, reliable product. I have been using this product, since months. Not only on myself, but my children as well, including my son. My daughters and I had Alopecia, in a large area on our temples, at one point. Our hair just wouldn’t grow there, but would grow like a Lion’s Manes everywhere else. Go figure! Thanks to Kanchi Indian Oil we have seen a great turn around in our temple areas, as well as overall hair growth. I find myself coming out of my shyness, and speaking to people more, when I’m shopping at the Beauty Supply, because I am always offering advice on using your product. Don’t change a thing Kanchi Indian Oil

James Buffet

Hi! I recently decided to embark on a natural hair journey and I haven't been able to find the right products for my hair regimen. I have spend so much money throughout this process. A friend of mine recommended the Kanchi Indian Oil because she said "it made her hair grow really great". BTW, My friend has alopecia so that's miraculous! I'd like to know if you guys provide free samples. I'd hate to go out and spend money on another product & end up disappointed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed with this one though! Thank you!


You have a great product that Matt loves and finds effective over the past few or more months. Sincerely,

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